Dear friend,

I am glad to greet you in my virtual art space!

As Picasso once said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once you grown up.” This is an appropriate description for my art life. As a child, I liked creating handmade things: sew clothes for my dolls, draw comics, or making lemonade with aquarelle paint. Creative personality in one word ☺ As it turned out, it was not easy to preserve this creative source and bring it into adult life. Professional orientation, moving to another city and further moving to another country, emotional turmoil in private life did not favour creative development and forced to make compromise decisions.

I grew up in a small town in Ukraine near the Black Sea. At the end of 90s almost every girl at my age couldn´t get enough of making so called “friendship bracelets”. I was no exception. My first book about glass bead weaving techniques I got from my father. Imagine a 10 years old girl who wove these colourful bead bracelets day and night. My arms were packed elbow deep with these pieces of jewelry. Soon this trend was gone and everybody tossed this occupation away. I did it as well. Some time passed and I, being a 15 years old teenager, returned to this work with more consciousness and interest. Since then this childhood creative activity turned into an elegant artwork and became integral part of my life. Sweet friendship bracelets grew into refined, stylish high-quality bead jewelry. Becoming a grown person I saved my inner artist (which was not easy) and brought her into my adult life.

The last 15 years of my creative life I tried (and keep on trying) a lot of techniques and materials in work with glass beads. I chose my favourites – Japanese and Czech high-quality seed beads (glass seed “micro” beads). The foundation of my jewelry patterns is traditional Ukrainian ornaments, which are used for embroidering of the most important element of traditional clothes in Ukraine – vyshyvanka.

I am in love with geometry and natural elements. Ukrainian traditional ornaments combine these two features and fit perfectly glass bead canvas. Moreover, the popularity of vyshyvanka in the fashion world allows me to state that Ukrainian ornament has its own respected place among fashion trends.

One of the special things about my jewelry are beads of the micro size, which provides my jewelry pieces with lightness and uniqueness. Working with this kind of glass beads is laborious and takes maximum concentration and hand craft.

Anna Skazko BeadArt jewelry is a combination of pure material which is glass, tradition with deep roots – ornaments and creative imagination of the artist. I create jewelry, which is easy to integrate into a wardrobe of a modern person, usually woman, who has style and sense of taste.